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The middle ages was right after the the fall of the Roman imperium in the fifteenth century. The renaissance period was about 1400 to 1600. These both eras had similarities and differences in music. Gregorian Chant, Chanson, Motet, and Madrigal were all forms of music during these ii meter periods. Gregorian chant, was monaural. Polyphonic genreticuloendothelial system began to develop during the high chivalrous era, becoming prevalent by the later 13th and excessively soon 14th century. The development of such forms is often associated with the Ars nova. The early innovations upon monophonic plainchant were heterophonic. The Organum, for example, expanded upon plainchant melody development an ensuant line, sung at a located interval, with a reticuloendothelial systemulting alternation amidst polyphony and monophony. The greater sophistication was the motet, which developed from the clausula genre of black letter plainchant and would become the most pop ular form of mediaeval polyphony. While early motets were liturgical or sacred, by the term of the thirteenth century the genre had expanded to include profane topics, Dating back to the 12th century, the monophonic chanson reached its greatest popularity with the trouvères of the 13th century, and can still be found in the mid-14th-century lais (a verse-song form) of the composer and poet Guillaume de Machaut. Only the melodies survive. The monophonic chansons show the development of intricate musico-poetic forms educe from the songs of the slightly earlier counterparts of the trouvères, the troubadours. These forms were eventually simplified to become the formes fixes ( frozen forms) of the accompanied chanson. The accompanied chansonfor a solo voice with write parts for one or more accompanying instruments predominate French song from Machaut until Hayne van Ghizeghem and Antoine Busnois at the end of the fifteenth century. Almost all accompanied chansons adhere to one of the common chord formes fixes: b! allade, rondeau, or virelai. The style is sophisticated, and the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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